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Talk to us about becoming a franchisee

Talk to us about becoming a franchisee


Franchisees run our Mental Fitness Centers. 

A Mental Agility Center can be setup in a college or university. Or in a sports center. On the high street. In a warehouse. In a corporate building. On a tall ship. In a remote mountain hut.  Anywhere really. 

A Mental Agility Centre is an unstructured, inviting, informal, organic, flexible, informative, expansive, warm welcoming social space... To foster humane, imaginative and generous-hearted relationships... free from any need to avoid being wrong. No marks. No grades. No qualifications.

As well as members being able to drop in and chill out, Mental Agility Centers will run the following...
  • Community Project speeding dating. One day a month there will be project speed dating. This is where all members and guests have one minute to pitch their project ideas to each other. As soon as a minimum of say 6 people link up, they can become a project team and are given a project manager, who helps team members adapt and balance with some funding to get the project going. 
  • Run regular co-creating projects where members co-create their own plays, films, art, games, music, pop-up restaurants, ways to play sport, etc 
  • Run regular co-discovering events where members live in a remote location and spend time discovering the local area.
  • Run regular co-inventing projects where members use various methods to invent solutions eg Lego... anything we can build stuff with.
  • Play sport in a way that encourages players learn to adapt to bring the best out of themselves, and their teammates, for each situation they face.
  • Learn together for joy of learning... not for getting a qualification.
Everyone is welcome... of all ages... apart from maybe overly authoritarian people who are detemined to make others avoid being wrong. That's... writers, foodies, gardeners, history buffs, budding journalist, artists, game designers, photographers, budding musicians, sports lovers, engineers, adventurers, inventors, and everything else we missed... you are all welcome... to join all our co-creating project teams and stay alive!

Anyone can create their own mental agility center. They just have to become a member of 


  • According to the World Economic Forum, by 2020 creativity will be the top three most important skills for future jobs, alongside complex problem solving and critical thinking.
  • The best sports teams in the world, like the New Zealand rugby team, know that sustained success is based on the player's ability to adapt when they don't have enough physical or technical superiority to win. Sustained success is based on player's mental agility. The ability to adapt how they play to find the combinations that work for that situation. To find the 2 + 2 = 10’s
  • Many, in fact, most of our best creative people have life stories based on adapting to what life throws at them, rather than following some life plan.

Creativity, tends to require us to trust in our ability to adapt as we try new things that we don't know if they will work or not. We need room to fail. To learn from our mistakes. And Mental Agility Centers give us that space.