Join Life
350 GBP

Life is an association that supports and trains teachers, coaches, youth leaders, and parents to lead groups using life skills that are more suited to help young adults manage their own welfare in their stormy 21st century... as described in our our handbook.

Our office runs a members support service. This is where Jon Thorne, the founder of provides whatever support is required to help a member who is stuck in a difficult situation. The office will also help members get work where they can apply their 21st century life skills. The office will also build and manage a fund that can be used by members to set up new community initiatives using their 21st century life skills. This fund will also be used to subsidise training events for people who want to join us and need some extra skills. 

To join us, we send a current member to determine if you can coach 21st century life skills described in our handbook

Please note that while we are focused on the quality of the life coaching deliver by our members, we don't want the membership price to stop an able leader/coach joining. If price is a barrier to join... please contact

Our constitution well be added in below... in a few days :)