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Break free from a need to avoid being wrong... join

Break free from a need to avoid being wrong... join


According to the World Economic Forum, by 2020 creativity will be the top three most important skills for future jobs, alongside complex problem solving and critical thinking.

The best sports teams in the world, like the New Zealand rugby team, know that sustained success is based on the player's ability to adapt when they don't have enough physical or technical superiority to win. Sustained success is based on player's mental agility. The ability to adapt. To collective creativity of the team.

Many, in fact, most of our best creative people have life stories based on adapting to what life throws at them, rather than following some life plan.

Creativity, tends to require us to trust in our ability to adapt as we try new things that we don't know if they will work or not.  

But, todays society is based on avoiding being wrong. We are encouraged to find and oppose those who make mistakes. This tends to mean it is an act of disrespect a selfish act... to adapt and trying new things. And are punished, whether our ideas work or not. 

Todays society

30+ odd years ago... someone, somewhere,  decided a good way to drive up standards is to quantify, qualify, standardise the best way to do something. And then get everyone to do it the best way, the same way. The best methods or techniques were generally accepted as superior and became the standard way of doing things. 

The classic example being the creation of a national curriculum introduced in 1988. We have clinical pathways that if correctly followed we become healthy. We have diets that if we correctly follow we lose weight. When we become parents many of us read books in how to be a good parent. We have all sorts of management methodologies, often called best practices, that if we follow correctly deliver projects, customer service, and fewer errors in production.  

We tend to follow these best practices as we know that if things go wrong as we use the accepted superior ways, we can't be blamed. And we tend to get some comfort in knowing that others have made the same mistakes our ourselves and are in the same situation. 

Social media, in fact media in general encourage us to find and oppose those who make mistakes. This increases the pressure to avoid being wrong. 

Why avoiding being wrong... prevents us from developing our team creativity skills. 

If we try to perfectly follow we often narrow our focus onto the details to avoid being wrong, and lose our ability to look beyond what we know... to see other possibilities. We lose our ability to adapt what we do to improve the balance between meeting our needs, the needs of others, and the needs of the situations we share. We lose the ability to adapt to make shared situations work for everyone. 

If we focus on avoiding being wrong... we tend to focus on fixing those we see as wrong. We often push away those who we feel deliberately choosing to be wrong. Everyone in our social groups tends to believe we are all good at avoiding being wrong... so everyone outside of our social groups... must therefore be wrong. Our friendships, relationships, memberships of our social groups become conditional on us all avoiding being wrong... together. We all only listen to what makes us feel right in our own... "avoid being wrong" bubbles. We can lose our moral compass, develop a moral blindness within ourselves, as we turn the other way, knowing that for no fault of their own, others are excluded, rejected, punished, harmed for not being able to avoid being wrong. 

“I was supposed to help my parents feel as though they are good parents by fitting into a mould they designed for me. The more I struggled and made it obvious the mould doesn’t fit me, the more unhappy my parents became and more inadequate and unloved I felt"

"If i spend all my time avoiding be wrong... I feel robotic, uncaring, just doing as we I am told to do without any thought... day... after day... after day. I feel my life has no meaning or purpose... unless I help others to avoid being wrong".

“I believe I am a kind person when I help others to avoid being wrong. If others don’t do as I say they are deliberately trying to be wrong. They are disrespectful, hurtful people for rejecting my kind help”.

Role of

Today’s society is based on avoiding being wrong. Many of us are encouraged to find and oppose those who make mistakes. This tends to mean that society is full of people who see adapting as an act of disrespect. A selfish act. Those of us who adapt can be hated, punished, rejected for daring to try something new... whether our ideas work or not. 

To protect ourselves from these people, we have created

Joining is a public declaration of our intent to develop our adapting skills by creating, discovering, and inventing with others. It is a declaration that we will no longer avoid being wrong. It is a declaration that we wish to be held to account for adapting our choices to improve the balance between meeting our needs, the needs of others, and the needs of a situation we share... until our shared situations work for everyone involved. Yes, we may well draw negative attention from those who feel it is disrespectful and selfish to refuse to avoid being wrong... but we will be together. We will be creating, discovering, and inventing together. We will be adapting... together

While there is NO superior way to develop our adapting skills we can build our own group based on adapting. We can create, discover and invent together free of any need to avoid being wrong. We can build our own social groups where those who want to make others avoid being wrong... are themselves excluded.

Our vision:

to replace societies need to make us all avoid being wrong... with a passion for us all to adapt what we do  to make society work for everyone”

When the “right” way is defined by a privileged elite, it is still building a society base on us all avoiding being wrong. When the majority, via a vote, define the “right” way, it is still building a society based on us all avoiding being wrong.

Members of want to build a society on everyone having an ability to adapt their choices and habits to improve the balance between meeting their needs, the needs of others, and the needs of the situation we share. We want to replace “avoid being wrong” with adapt to find balance.

As our memberships growsperson, by person, we will all start to run our own mental agility centres. As the ability to adapt spreads we will create, discover and invent our own ways to address the societal problems caused by a need to avoid being wrong. 

Together we... 
  1. Bring life into an education system by helping students develop life skills to adapt their new knowledge to create, discover and invent with others.
  2. Build adapting communities that work for everyone, not just those of us who are good at avoiding being wrong.
  3. Bring life and meaning to our work place by showing our leaders we can lift the quality of our work and achieve amazing levels of performance... without being forced to follow centralised and standardised ways of doing things.

If you feel you adapt, and want to be with fellow adaptors, please join 

Membership to is free for volunteer eg volunteer sports coaches, educators, community project managers etc. It costs £250pa for members in employment. All members can, if they want to, set up their own franchise Mental Agility Centers. To work in a Mental Agility Center you must be a member of 

If you are not sure you have the adapting life skills, then come along to one of Mental Agility Centers and join in. 

Any questions

“I was supposed to help my parents feel as though they are good parents by fitting into a mould they designed for me. The more I struggled and made it obvious the mould doesn’t fit me, the more my parents adapt how they support me, care for me, love me, so that i find a way that works for us all. I feel empowered. I feel confident. I feel loved. My parents feel valued. They feel like they are doing a good job "

"If i spend all my time adapting to find ways of doing my job that work for everyone concerned ... I feel alive. I feel empowered. I care. I make a difference. I feel I have meaning in my life. And I want to help others learn how they can adapt their choices to improve balance. We can all feel valued together".

“I have stopped searching for One Right Answer to life’s big questions. I no longer attempt to do a perfect implementation of one books recipe for happiness. My anxiety has gone. My life is an adventure. I adapt to find a balanced way forward. I am loving it”.

This work is shared under Copyright © 2017 Jon Thorne.