Our world is currently setup to standardise us. Algorithms sort us into boxes. Social media makes us want to be alike. Our education system makes us learn the same standardised stuff to gain one size fits all qualifications. We have work places where the computer says “No”.  Our success is measured in league tables and number of likes and follows. We win by adapting ourselves to fit into a mould

We are not meant to be standardised on this scale. 

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do”-  Steve Jobs 

LifeSkills21.org is a community of leaders who lead by unfolding and not moulding. 

This means helping team members to unfold the best version of themselves. To not mould team members to always do as the leader tells them, to always do things in a standardised way, but coach them to make their own decisions. 

Leaders who unfold and not mould :-

  1. Build trust by giving team members a say, that they are heard, that they are part of their own unfolding process to the point where team members are prepared to try new things, knowing that their leader will step in if a team member is about to do something that carries a risk of causing harm to themselves or others.
  2. Lift each and every team members awareness of the choices they can make and their own habits.  And show team members how to adapt their choices and habits so that shared situations work for everyone. (A habit tends to be a technical skill. A choice is often about choosing what to do). 
  3. Help team members see "pressure to perform" as a way of finding new ways to unfold a better version of themselves, that is often just around the corner. To ensure success doesn't dictate a team members state of mind. To see that just as important as succeeding is ensuring that team members remain healthy in mind as well as body.

Leaders who unfold and not mould... tend to see their own performance and the performance of their team members as the speed at which they unfold a better version of themselves. The best of us tend to try to unfold a better version of themselves on a daily basis. 

Leaders who unfold and not mould... tend to select team members on their passion to unfold a better version of themselves.  If a leader has 2 potential team members with the same technical ability, leaders tend to pick the team member who most wants to unfold a better version of themselves. Leaders tend to avoid selecting players who always believe they don't need to get better and who always blame others for any mistakes. 

We enjoy each others company as we...

  1. Support each other;
  2. Help each other find new ways to unfold better version of ourselves; and
  3. Increase the number of leaders who lead by unfolding and not moulding.  

Membership is free if you volunteer. If you plan to use your membership for paid work, please chat to us. Finding a way for you to pay will make us sustainable for the volunteers.  

This is our constitution